Be gentle with yourself

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Be gentle with yourself

You don’t need coffee; you need to sleep.
You don’t need nicotine; you need to walk.
You don’t need alcohol; you need to laugh with laughter attitude
You don’t need sex; you need a connection.
You don’t need narcotics; you need to think.
You don’t need stimulants; you need to be hugged.
You don’t need hallucinogens; you need the art of living .
You don’t need television; you need poetry.
You don’t need to buy; you need nature.
You don’t need your religions; you need to question where you from.
You don’t need to judge; you need to empathize.
You don’t need love relationships; you need self-love and then you will learn how to love and understand others.

You need yourself.
I need myself.

Above all you need inner peace, which demands harmony between the internal and external….
Do what you believe in, believe in what you do.


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Spiritual awakening is simply the realization or remembering of who you are. This is not a conceptual understanding, this is a deep experiential knowing. Every awakened being will tell you that awakening was not like anything they thought it would be.


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  1. I think I have found my people . I didn’t even know a holistic group existed in Nairobi Kenya where have I been ? Busy having babies , I can’t wait to join in and learn and share ,

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