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I grew up in the heart of Africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and my teen years unfolded in the beloved magical land of Kenya.  My journey took me across Canada, and I even lived in the United Kingdom for a while.  I also dipped my toes into the world of my ancestors in India.  I realised that through all these adventures, I was at my best.  This is what made me tick.  I found Freedom whilst I was experiencing Being (I just didn’t know this then).I finally stepped into adulthood (by finding a corporate job and settling down) and realised I started to feel confined.  Something was amiss.  I knew I had a bigger purpose in life than doing a 9 to 5. So I began exploring my self.  Every time I was called to speak or present, I jumped at the opportunity and realised I was meant to lead.  I was meant to teach.  I was meant to guide.I became a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistics Programming and started researching more on the workings of the mind.  This led me to a transformational discovery about the way the mind works. That the thoughts that play through your mind are a form of control over your true potential.  These are the same thoughts that can spiral you down into the devil’s lair by replaying events of the past, or contemplating about a future that may not happen.  I realised that people get stuck living in the past or the future, when there is only one real moment in life – the present.  And I started to Discover My Why.My cup started filling up and I was already changing lives as a student of Mindfulness.  On March 10th, 2019 I lost my father in a tragic accident.  The negative emotions of fear, anger and sadness all appeared at the same time as I tried to decipher this loss.  I had also just become a mom.  I now had two choices.  I could choose to lose myself in my father’s death, or I could choose to explore my full potential and lead my daughter into a brighter future.  I chose the latter. My purpose began to unfold.  I wanted to guide people to explore their capabilities, and let go of the past and the future, because life is unfolding in the Now.  This is why I became a Mindfulness Coach.  Of course, I didn’t forget the feeling of freedom that I felt during my adventures, and I wanted to bring that into the world of people who have disconnected from the outdoors, and so I bring in Outdoor Therapy, because I believe this also heals the soul.

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We get opportunities every day, every minute to be in the here and in the now. Yet most of

us get caught up in fear and anxiety because of the unknown, or live in the regrets of times

long gone. An Ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu says “If you are depressed, you are

living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you

are living in the present.” This statement is so powerful because it tells us that nothing

else is real other than the NOW. Everything else are just thoughts. They may be true, but

they are not your reality anymore.

My own experience of going in and out of the past, and constantly stressing about the

future, made me miss out on the most precious moments life had to offer, because it really

only exists in the moment. When I realized that I could get over the pain that didn’t allow

me to move forward, or that I could just be instead of running off to an unknown situation

in the future, it became liberating. Yes there will always be stress, yes there will always be

things that have happened in the past – but we need to keep our power and not let people

or events have control over our life. We are the master of our own destiny.

Through my one on one coaching programs, I help you release the demons of your past,

dare to explore who you are and become the authentic and best version of yourself.

My workshops are impactful, entertaining and full of energy that you need to overcome the

crossroads that you face as a team, and bring balance into your personal and professional


I believe that our connection to the outdoors is bigger than anything we can ever

experience. The abundance that you find in nature can transform the way you are. My

Outdoor Therapy Program will connect your energy to the vibration of Mother Earth, and

will help you explore your deeper I.



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