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Reiki and I by Kiran Kaur

Hello Blessed Souls,

At the age of 3, my Grandma introduced me to God through prayers and singing hymns. I felt a connection of being one with the supreme being. By 13 I began to question about my existence, where did I come from (of course the biological way) but from “where” in the true deep sense and what is my purpose in life?

Reiki came into my life for the first time through a boy who had been attuned to Reiki and had the ability to heal. As a test an Aunty in the neighbourhood wanted him to heal her daughter and make her intelligent so that she could achieve high grades in school. For unforeseeable circumstances, the boy moved to the city and Reiki was forgotten.

In the recent years I went for a tarot reading and was recommended to get some reiki healing, that was a second time reiki appeared in my life and I started looking for courses. None that appealed to me; however, I was sending a message out to the universe to attract reiki.

Whilst working in the corporate world, as an incentive the company I worked for then, offered employees treatment sessions, so I booked myself for a 15-minute session and I experienced a kaleidoscope of colours. My obsession with Reiki was intensified and started looking for Reiki Level 1 courses. And as they say when the student is ready the master will appear. A cousin called me out of the blue saying she could not make it to the Reiki Level 1 one day course she was booked on.

Thus began my journey to learn the Japanese spiritual practice of healing that helps to reduce stress and provide a feeling of relaxation.

“Rei” meaning “Higher Power” and “Ki” meaning “Universal Life forces”. The flow of Universal life force aligns with the essence of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy within our self to radiate a healthy state of living.

The healing energy is channelled through my hands to the recipient through time and space that maintains a balanced state of health. The vibrations of the healing energy are passed to the receiver to remove blockages and negative energy that hinders the positive and healthy flow of life force. It also treats the aura also known as the energy bio fields and the balancing of the chakras (7 main energy centers of the body).

The treatment varies on case by case as some may require a single session and notice a change and in others it could take a few sessions to feel the difference. Heal naturally through Reiki, my soul bows to thy soul.

photo by Paarvathy

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Spiritual awakening is simply the realization or remembering of who you are. This is not a conceptual understanding, this is a deep experiential knowing. Every awakened being will tell you that awakening was not like anything they thought it would be.


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